Saturday, March 1, 2008

two years, 6 months, just starting

good things come to those who wait. or so they say.

i've finally started working on MY half of the house. which means i had to move into the other side of the house, which is an office, not an apartment. i figured that this day was coming, and i did have the good (?) sense to
add a shower to the office. that cost about $2,500. (had to extend the bathroom, add extra plumbing, buy the shower & fixtures, etc.)
the office is the part fronting the street (naturally). if you look real hard, someone is standing in the doorway. i don't remember who was there the day i took the picture. matter of fact, i can't remember the day i took the picture. but his is my house.

on the left set back a little ways, you can see the door to
my half of the house. when you open that door, it used to look like this:

washer & dryer were in the right-most corner, cabinets on the right-side wall. you can see into my living room. if you look real hard, you can see mick jagger's crotch. at least a picture of his crotch.

i was just going to redo my floors, rerun the electrical stuff, and take care of big glaring problems. of which there are a few. however ... i decided that i don't much care for the wall between the kitchen and living room. that little jutty part with the three pictures on it is a sheetrocked-over chimney. which was not in terrific shape but not in imminent danger of falling in, either. however, it was crumbling from the inside, and it's useless. my contractor said that if i wanted the wall taken out, he'd take out the wall. who knew it would take 3 days and be so stressful?

the first day i came home from work & expected to see a big chunk of the wall gone. instead, i saw my attic for the first time because they'd taken out the ceiling. it looked like this:

and my attic looks like this:
ok. that's enough for tonight. i still have to finish reading the instructions on putting together my mosquito magnet. if it works half as well as i've been promised, it's worth the money.

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