Tuesday, March 4, 2008

bringin' down the house

ok. so i started this to have a record of what's going on with my house renovation, not to tell you about cats and rats and such. so let's get back on target, shall we?
this is what my kitchen looked like before. notice the lovely cabinets. i painted them myself. oh, la la. very mardi gras.

the door that you see is not the door to the outside, but the door to the tenant's half. the cat that you see is big boy. big. boy. he is grooming himself because he's a very debonair kitteh. oh, yes. and he's very big. and he's also very timid. perhaps i'll post another picture of big boy later. after you're done looking at my house.

this is my living room, with a view into the kitchen, and a view into the tenantless tenant's half. you can also see the entrance to my side of the house. the two doors make for an odd configuration. i think initially the part you see thru the tenant's door was a garage. at some point about 50 years ago, someone got the big bright idea to put a business over there, so they knocked out the garage and added on another (approximately) 60x14 space. so the tenant's half is an L wrapped around my half, which is a shotgun, which is the predecessor to the modern trailer. anyway ...

this is my kitchen, with the chimney, which ran through the wall between the kitchen and the living room, removed. yes. that strip you see in the middle of the purple wall was once a chimney. which i never really even got to see. because the first day they removed the ceiling and the chimney in the attic, and the next day: chimney. gone.

here is a closeup of ... i guess it's called the hearth. or at least, guts 'o hearth.

so i'm kind of freaking out, because ... well, because. ironically, the wall in the living room was pretty much intact, right up to my grandparents' wedding photo hanging over the mantle.

that was weird.

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