Friday, June 6, 2008

r.i.p. skitty

spring 2006--may 23, 2008

(i know this isn't may 23, but i'm keeping skitty at the top of the blog for now.)

i had to put my skitty to sleep today. he's been acting ... not right ... for a few days & i was keeping an eye on him. i came home from work, walked to the back & opened the door, and was headed to the front when skitty came in, took two or three steps, and collapsed in the foyer in the back.
i picked him up--he weighed almost nothing, which i found out later was due to severe dehydration--and immediately called the vet. we were in the office inside of 15 minutes, and 15 or 20 minutes later, it was over. they never gave me a cause, but it was obvious he was dying.
i like to think he died peacefully.
a katrina casualty, he used to sneak in the house and steal food while i was working in the tenant's side. he got his name honestly; when i'd appear, he'd disappear. after i finally won his trust, he already knew he had a new home.
he was the last to join my trio of kitties, and niether billmurray nor big boy ever really took to him. he took to me, though, and used to fall asleep on my chest every night. he was a sweet, sweet, kitty and i miss him.
bill & big boy were wary for the first few days, waiting for skitty to once again appear. once they decided he wasn't coming back (i *tried* to explain to them that that he'd gone to the big litter box in the sky), they've loosened up and loved up to me like never before. they are, almost literally, dancing on skitty's grave. i'm happy that they're happy, but it's also very sad.
pets. you gotta love them. but they'll break your heart, too.

inspection passed!

i passed my plumbing inspection today! now i can close the walls & get the electrician back to finish his thing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

catching up

yes. i'm a crappy blogger. i should be updating this thing at least weekly, but between cats going kaput and overzealous contractors sanding through cables and severing my connection to the digital world, it's been tough.

there has, however, been mega-progress made. we've removed the furnace,

put a new floor in the hallway where the floor furnace used to be,

and sanded the floors.

(the brown area to the left is butcher paper, put down to somewhat protect the newly sanded floors.)
lots more to report, and i'll try to do so soon.