Thursday, March 20, 2008

everything but the kitchen stove!

ok. i decided to buy the cabinets. but wait! it's not just cabinets! it's cabinets plus

a microwave! but wait! there's more! there's a

dishwasher! and yet that's STILL not all! there's also

a refrigerator! (the guys at the house where i bought these were not happy to see the fridge go.) and yet even that's not all!

granite countertops! (there must be about 20 feet of this. and it's heavy. very heavy.) they even saved the crown molding and the screws. and, oh ... the glass-fronted wall cabinets have under-cabinet lights, which they put in there, too.

so i still have to configure it, but most of the kitchen decisions have now been made, courtesy of a great deal from craigslist.

the amazing thing is that it fits my personal sytle--bohemian thriftshopper--to a T.

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