Sunday, March 2, 2008

the mysterious world of cats

ceiling cat
so i came home friday and bill murray was nowhere to be found. not terribly unusual. sometimes she goes off and explores and comes home in her own good time. besides, the contractors had been banging around all day and messing with her house, so maybe she was hiding.

even though i called her repeatedly, she didn't come home for dinner, which is less typical but still no cause for alarm. i figured she'd get here when she got here, and sat down at the computer to load my new design software. i heard something that sounded like scratching in the drop ceiling. no problem, most likely just the wind. then i heard it again. and again.

'crap,' i thought. 'i hope it's not a rat.' (let's suffice it to say that i had reason to think that.)

scratch. even if it was, i wasn't going to haul out a piece of cheese and entice it to a throwdown. scratch. so i went back to working on the computer. scratch. scratch. CRASH!

all of a sudden one of the ceiling tiles at the other end of the room blew out and a huge ... something ... came tumbling out and streaked across to the door leading into the kitchen of the house. given the level of debris in there, the door is closed, of course. so now i'm freaking out thinking that there's a very, very angry rat when zip! here it comes an oh, shit! it's bill murray!

i haven't been able to figure out how she got up there in the first place. the ceiling is 8 and 10 feet tall. it was missing one ceiling tile on the 10 foot side, with only a couch beneath it. she's not exactly, uh, lithe these days and i can't imagine her jumping that high and making the mark without killing herself.

so, anyway. that was kind of exciting.

by the way, that's not bill murray in the picture. she moved WAY too fast & i was a little too freaked out for me to get a picture of it. that's ceiling cat, an internet phenomenon. i always thought 'celining cat is watching you' was a joke. thanks for enlightening me on that, bill murray.

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