Sunday, March 16, 2008

just what i need ... another hole in the


this is supposed to be the door to the attic. the existing 'door' is a window in the roof. this is better, but the 10' ladder i bought, that's supposed to fit ceilings up to 10'3", is too short. grrrr. i completely blame my contractor, who when i asked him what size ladder to buy, shrugged his shoulders and said, '10 foot. yeah. 10 foot.' ppphhht.

this is the dumpster on the 2nd go round. this, by the way, is the *last* go round for the $300-a-pop dumpster. everything else i'm stuffing in the regular garbage bit by bit.

another shot of the completely denuded kitchen. pray for me.

and finally ...

had to change the light in the bathroom the other day. it was like climbing to the top of mt. everest.

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