Tuesday, February 10, 2009

where it's at

wtul, of course. we all know that wtul is where it's at, but the question has been raised, where's it at?

i showed you pictures of the studio, but i didn't tell you how to get there. heh. my bad. and sorry about that.

we are back in the bowels of the university center, although it's not the university center anymore. these days they call it The Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life (LBC).

the lbc is in the same place that the uc has always been, although rumor has it that it's supposed to be new! and improved! you'll remember that the uc is on mcalister, just off of freret. it's building #29 on the map below.

yeah. it's a crummy map here, but if you click on it you get the full monty version.

the station was previously located on the mcalister side, just off pocket park. since improvement-izing the lbc, the station is now located on the quad side, at the back of the building. sort of the opposite corner from where it used to be. here's what the lbc looks like from the quad side:

some things have changed. for instance: no beer trucks on the quad. no. beer. trucks. not on the quad, not anywhere. tulane is now 'sensative' to possible irresponsibility of students and drinking. so no beer. no. beer. none.

go ahead. click it.

and ok, i lied. one place for beer. der rathskeller. conveniently located next to the radio station.

something that has not changed is the flooding. after a good hard rain, several areas of the basement leak, and water pools in odd pockets around the basement. sometimes the power shorts out, because one of the leaks is over a main electrical panel. don't worry. we have an emergency flashlight in the station for just such contingencies.

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